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Sticky Notes on Mac are enjoyable as they are on Windows-powered computers. With Sticky Notes, you get to note down your ideas and stick them on the Screen for easy accessibility and task completion. On macOS, you don’t need to Install any 3 rd party sticky notes apps in order to jot and glue your ideas on the screen. The noun 'sticky' is an informal noun that has come into use in recent history as a word for a type of note paper with a strip of tacky adhesive on the back (originally the brand name Post-It Note.

“Hi, I am facing a problem after losing Sticky Notes data. I was working on Sticky Notes and made some important notes about my internet banking details which I had registered just then and other credentials. While using it, my Mac system got turned off all of a sudden. I did not understand what the problem was. When I turned on Mac computer, I could not find the Sticky Notes which I was using. I checked the default location where the Notes would be stored, but the files were not there. I want those Sticky Notes back. Please help me out... Thanks in advance...”

You may get struck in situations like above in which Sticky Notes on Mac system may get lost. In case of loss, you can use Time Machine to restore the Sticky Notes. You need to select the restoration point when the Sticky Notes was saved. To do this, you need to follow the procedure as mentioned below:

  • Firstly, exit Sticky Notes and go to the default location of Sticky Notes under Mac Library
  • Then make a folder on desktop with name for example, “Restore Sticky Notes”
  • Open file location of Sticky Notes in Library, drag it by holding Alt-key and release it on the newly created folder, “Restore Sticky…”
  • Then in finder Window of Sticky Notes location, select “Preferences” and open Time Machine
  • Go to the date to which you want to restore Sticky Notes and click on “Recover”
  • Time Machine moves the old file to the current day’s folder
  • Choose ‘Yes’ when Finder asks you whether you want to overwrite the file
  • Log out the user and again log in to find the restored Sticky Notes

If this method fails to restore Sticky Notes, do not bother; you can retrieve Sticky Notes on Mac using file restoration software. Some of the scenarios in which Sticky Notes are lost are as given below. Read them and know when you need this software.

Download Sticky Note For Desktop

Scenarios in which Sticky Notes will be lost:

  • When OS is reinstalled, all files on Mac system volumes will be lost along with Sticky Notes which might be stored in default location or exported to any other drive on Mac
  • You may delete the Sticky Notes by mistake and Empty Trash on Macintosh system, which makes you to lose important data in it
  • If you format a volume with Sticky Notes,then they will be lost with all other files on Mac machine

There are many other reasons for loss of Sticky Notes; but you can retrieve them using the best recovery software like Yodot Mac File Recovery software on Mac OS X.

Sticky notes recovery software for Mac:

Sticky Notes on Mac OS X machines can be retrieved using Yodot Mac File Recovery software easily. It has simple user interface and powerful scanning mechanism that retrieve deleted or lost Apple keynote file, Library file, Music, Movies, Pictures and other default folders on Mac. Therefore, you are not away from your lost files anymore. You can get Sticky Notes as well as other file types such as Word files, PowerPoint files, excel sheets, PDF files, ZIP/RAR files, etc on Mac systems using this utility. If you want to check the recovery result, then there is a demo version of software available. It is compatible with Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion and even the latest OS, Mavericks operating systems.

Steps to recover Sticky Notes on Mac:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery software on Mac system
  • Install it and run to get main screen; select “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” from the screen
  • Next screen provides the list of volumes present on both internal hard drive and externally connected drive on Mac. Select the one from which Sticky Notes are to be recovered; if default location of Sticky Notes need to be chosen, then click on hard drive icon and click on “Next”
  • Then select “Skip” option, the software starts scanning and displays the result in few minutes
  • You can view the result in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Search for Sticky Notes files and select them to save
  • Browse a location on an external drive of Mac and save them using “Save” option


  • Keep regular backup of essential files on Mac Time Machine
  • Make sure that you have copied files to external drive before formatting Mac volume or re-installing Mac OS X

Unless you are using Windows 10, especially Windows insider builds you would admire it’s sticky notes app— stable and works fine. But it doesn’t have text styling all formatting you can type and change the color of the background, but there is nothing more you can do. There are sticky notes apps, which offer more options and function and functionalities.

Sticky notes are very useful and handy tool which helps you to remember daily tasks. We often forget paramount things such as calling someone or doing homework or someone just called you and you forgot. Sticky notes help you to note down such things, and you can check the list later. It is a very good software for an ideal computer user and gamer.

Don’t confuse sticky note with note taking apps, besides the main motto of both kind of tools is help you remember things and put-them-together later.

Best Sticky Notes Alternatives

These are best alternatives to Sticky notes which will help you remember daily tasks or simple reminders. Each alternative has unique style and comfort. So, here are the top 8 alternatives to sticky notes that you should check out.

1. Stickies

The biggest advantage of this software is that it is very small and very reliable. It is a very basic sticky noting software which is basically for computer programmers for keeping track of their daily routine.

Once opened on the computer it is able to open until you manually stop it. Otherwise, it will open every time you boot up your system. You can also manage your friends list for more reliable sharing of list across devices. You can also set up alarms so it may notify you of time.

2. Notezilla

Free Sticky Note For Mac

An excellent and remarkable noting app which lets you note anything with its feature always on top which will overlap any program and help you type notes without changing your current task.

It will always open on windows startup, so you don’t need to open every time you open your PC. you can also set reminders for letting the app remind you about any timings such as snack time and playing time. It also supports the cloud services so you can revive your data even if you erased it. You can also send your notes to anyone, so your friends and family stay connected to you, and you can assist them in their work.


3. Ghost Notes (Mac)

A beautiful and immersive sticky note app for your Mac computer, no Windows version yet.

4. P-Notes

P-Notes is a very on the go tool which will help you remember things and keep track of your day. It does not save any type of data to your computer nor does it transfer it to the internet. It has a vast variety of options to choose from and can be customized for various types of skins and security options. You may organize the sticky notes and scheduled notes all in one app.

5. Hott Notes

It is among the most rated noting software which is available for PC. It will not interfere with any file of your system, and it has great customization options. It also reminds of your important work. It has a very user-friendly style and worth using capabilities. It also allows you edit your current notes and let you have to change your mind.

6. 7 Sticky Notes

One of the most useful available software in the market. It allows a user to add to add a medium quality photos to the notes. Like the most critical software, it also allows a cloud synchronization. It also has a feature which allows a user to insert a link to a text. It is a pretty good software because it has a good interface. This software is worth downloading and installing.

7. Sticky Pad

One of the lightest noting software on the web. It is barely 50 Kb and also free software. It does not interact with your disk files. Well, you cannot expect much from a very lightweight software, but still, according to its size, it is a safe and compatible software with almost every window version from win 98 to win 10.

8. Evernote Sticky Notes

One of the most extensive options available sticky note software for PC which is a lightweight and powerful tool for noting down some work which you had to do. The most important part of it is that it supports google dropbox for sharing files over the internet. It also supports the postponing of the tasks from the current list. Overall it’s excellent software which is just fine in all sections.

9. AT Notes

A user-friendly noting software that won’t disappoint you in your noting experience and have as many features to be called a note-taking software. It supports cloud saving of data so you may see when you have done things. It also supports password protection features and very vast customization options from fonts to text color. It provides good user experience and is worth using.

10. Note Anywhere

Install (Chrome)

It’s a simple Chrome extension that let you write down something above a opened page. It works at the page level, also when you close a tab and reopen the notes will restore. You can anytime check all your notes by going to Extension’s options > Note summary.


If you need a web-based sticky note tool this is a good option here. You can create an account there to save your notes; moreover, you can create a To-Do list and add images.

Use these Sticky Note Alternative to remember things

Sticky-note application is a native Windows software that doesn’t sync data online. If you’re looking for something better, you can try online task managers like Todoist which is available as a web tool along with Windows and Android. If there is something wrong with your computer and in case you’ve to fresh install Windows, the sticky-note software data will vanish, considering the data safety double-check whether a program has sync features or not.


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