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  1. One of the main features of GTA San Andreas is its high quality graphics. Developed in a fully three-dimensional, the game will meet every mission you should be as realistic. Download GTA San Andreas: guaranteed action! With more than 150 missions, GTA San Andreas.
  2. Disregard the way that GTA San Andreas began life as a PlayStation 2 diversion. The terrible caterpillar has turned into a delightful (if indecent) butterfly. The fifth in an arrangement that since its 2D birth on PC (in 1997) has celebrated vile hoodlums and drive-by/ – through/ – into and – over wrongdoing.
  3. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets. Rockstar Games brings its biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with enhanced visual.

Save File Naming and Locations(All Versions but PS2)

All San Andreas save files use the same naming format, except for the PS2 version.
Saves are named GTASAsf#.b, where # is the save slot number used in the game.
GTASAsf9.b is the mobile autosave slot.
GTASAsf10.b is the mobile resume save slot and is not supported, as the save format is different than other saves.

For Playstation 2 saves, see the Playstation 2 section below.

Operating SystemDefault Save Location
Windows 2000/XP (PC)C:Documents and Settings<Your username>My DocumentsGTA San Andreas User Files
Windows Vista & Up (PC)C:Users<Your username>DocumentsGTA San Andreas User Files
Mac OS X (PC) /Users/<Your username>/Library/Application Support/Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas/p_drive/Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/
You may need to show hidden system files to find this folder.
iOS (Mobile) /var/mobile/Applications/GTASA/Documents/
A thrid-party file browsing app, such as iExplorer or iFunBox, may be required to access this location.
Android (Mobile)/Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/
Windows Store (Mobile) C:Users<Your username>AppDataLocalPackagesRockstarGames.GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas_3t068xe29zjvpLocalState

Supported Platforms & Features


There are two major versions of San Andreas for PC, v1 and v2.
v1 is the original version of the game, before the Hot Coffee scandal.
v2 was released after the Hot Coffee scandal, to remove access to the Hot Coffee content.
The Steam version, while sometimes referred to as v3, primarily uses v2 files.

Save Gta San Andreas For Mac

There are 3 main files whose version differences can affect save files: the exe (gta-sa.exe/gta_sa.exe), the script (datascriptmain.scm), and the asset archive (modelsgta3.img).
Some users may have any combination of these, rather that all v1 or all v2. This site can detect versions and convert specific data in save files to help ensure a save is compatible with your game.


Older Mobile Versions

Mobile 1.05 and Below saves use a different save file format that is difficult to read. Because of this, not many features are available for them.

Playstation 2

You will need special tools to extract PS2 saves from physical PS2 memory cards or virtual PS2 memory cards on PS3.
Check out for more info and tools.
When extracted, saves are named in the format # Mission Name.b, where # is the slot number.
Note that there are 2 spaces between the slot number and the mission name.

PCMobile 1.05-Mobile 1.06+PS2
Upload/Download Saves
General Stats
100% Checklist
Collectible Map
Detect and Change Binary/EXE Version
Detect and Change Script/SCM Version
Change IPL Flags Version
Detect & Fix Zone Glitches
Fix Erratic Traffic Glitches
Detect & Move Madd Dogg Mansion Save Disk
Detect & Fix Disabled Basketball Court Glitch
Detect & Fix Missing Pool Player Glitch
Detect & Fix Gym Workout Glitch
Detect & Undo Peds Riot Cheat
Detect & Fix Casino Minigames Glitch
Detect & Remove Stray Radar Blips
Custom Save Name

When you save the game, an ID pertaining to the EXE (gta_sa.exe/gta-sa.exe) used is stored in the save.
v1 EXEs will load saves with any EXE ID, even a v2 ID.
v2 EXEs will only load saves with a v2 ID (including the Steam version).
German v2 EXEs will only load saves with a German v2 ID.
Austrian v2 EXEs will only load saves with a Austrian v2 ID.
Recommended: 'Standard 2.0' unless you are using German 2.0 or Austrian 2.0.

This option will allow you to convert the save file to a different script version.
v1 saves will only load when using v1 scripts, and v2 saves will only load when using v2 scripts.
Recommended: Use the script version you currently use. If you are unsure which version you have, you can upload one of your saves to this site to find out.

Save files contain IPL flags that enable and disable map objects in the game.
The order of the IPL flags is determined by the modelsgta3.img file being used when the game is saved.
This site cannot detect your IPL version for you.
Saves will work regardless of which version of gta3.img you use, however there may be glitches, such as road barriers to other cities still appearing after they should have been removed.
You can check which version of gta3.img you are using by checking it's file size or checksum. If your gta3.img doesn't match either of these, then your gta3.img is likely modded.

City Barriers

Story Barriers: City barriers will be enabled or disabled depending on mission completion.
Disabled Barriers: City barriers will be removed regardless of mission completion.
Recommended: Find out which version of gta3.img you have or leave unmodified.
v1 gta3.imgv2 gta3.img
Size940,064,768 bytes937,680,896 bytes

Traveling outside of the bounds of the game's main map can cause zone information in the save file to become corrupt, leading to some glitches, such as taxi fares not appearing, map areas being labeled incorrectly, or the Mike Toreno mission not progressing properly.
The zone information is the same across all unmodded games.
Recommended: 'Yes' if detected.
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Gta San Andreas Free Install

Gta san andreas free install

A glitch in the game can cause traffic to behave oddly as you spend more and more time playing (total time played across multiple sessions, such as 150+ hours).
Behavior includes traffic vehicles driving backwards, through each other, or in the air.
The glitch gets worse over time and can be fixed by resetting various timers and a few variables in the save file.
This site cannot detect the glitch for you.
Recommended: 'Yes' if you are experiencing these glitches.
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This save disk can cause basketball courts to be disabled because it is too close to a nearby court. The disk can be moved to one of the rooms in the hallway not far from it's original position. This places it far enough away to avoid the glitch.
Recommended: 'Yes' if disk is in default location.
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Save Gta San Andreas For Mac Download Free

This glitch occurs when you save near a basketball court and prevents you from using them. This most commonly happens when saving at Madd Dogg's mansion.
Recommended: 'Yes' if detected.
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This glitch occurs when you save near a pool table and prevents you from using them.
This should only occur in modded games, or saves where a save disk has been moved too close to a pool table.
Recommended: 'Yes' if detected.
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The exact cause of this glitch is unknown, however it causes some missions to either refuse to start or crash the game when starting.
Recommended: 'Yes' if detected.

This glitch is present if you are unable to use gym equipment and receive the message 'You have worked out enough for today, come back tomorrow!' even after returning the next day.
Recommended: 'Yes' if you experience glitch.
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Using the Peds Riot cheat (AJLOJYQY or ROUGHNEIGHBOURHOOD on PC), can cause some NPCs to behave incorrectly during some missions, making them uncompletable.
Recommended: 'Yes' if detected.
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This attempts to fix a glitch that causes casino minigames to become unavailable after suspending the game while a minigame is being played.
Recommended: 'Yes' if detected and you are experiencing this glitch.
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This will detect and remove stray radar blips from your save file.
Recommended: 'Yes' if detected and you are experiencing this glitch.

Save Gta San Andreas For Mac

This attempts to fix a complex glitch that causes the game to crash when the player approaches the San Fierro docks.
Recommended: 'Yes' if detected and you are experiencing this crash.
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This option allows you to change the save name that appears in the game's save slot menus.
Save names can be up to 100 characters long. GXT color codes are allowed.
Be aware that non-standard characters can cause glitches in the save menus and may not display correctly.