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A music sequencer (or audio sequencer or simply sequencer) is a device or application software that can record, edit, or play back music, by handling note and performance information in several forms, typically CV/Gate, MIDI, or Open Sound Control (OSC), and possibly. Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 MIDI keyboard. Novation’s Ableton-friendly supermini controller gets. Modstep has been built from the ground up to work on iOS, so it’s not a port or a version.

Are you music enthusiast? Ever wondered how well it would be if the music you here is supplied with all the additional information as titles, artists, albums and genres? Following is the list of software which offers this basic functionality with sequencing your huge music library and some of the rich and unique features. You can expect some free sequencer software while some are paid sequencer software. The list has some of the best-picked software of this category.


Crescendo is a music notation software plus MIDI sequencer and editor for Windows. To compose a score as a MIDI file, you can import an existing MIDI file or start from the scratch. It also provides an option to create a new score from templates like choral, solo, etc. You can add title of the score, insert bar, and set key signature, time signature, clef repetition, transpose, etc. Easily record, edit, sequence and mix MIDI files with MixPad MIDI Editing Software. Powerful studio quality MIDI music mixing tools for beginners and pros alike. Download for PC or Mac.

Mp3 Tag Pro


Mp3TagPro is free music sequencer software available for free download and use. This software is a powerful tool for all music formats. The software creates new subfolders and organizes the music files into them according to your pattern. The software will create folders with artists, genres and many other such categories at your one click.


MIDI Sequencer Software

MIDI sequencer software called Sekaiju is free, open source software for creating and editing MIDI data. MIDI stands for Multi Documented format. The software features unlimited redo and undo, 16 MIDI input ports and 16 MIDI ports all of them can be used simultaneously and much more.

Audio Sequencer Software

This software from Jazz MIDI sequencer is open source software under GNU GPL license. The Jazz++ is an excellent application for recording and mixing MIDI sequences. This software is actively supported for the Windows and Mac platforms.

Sequencer for Mac

Sequencer for Mac is the music sequencer software for Mac platform users. The software has a range of features to offer audio and MIDI recording, audio workstation, step sequencing, audio multitrack editor and much more. The software is available free of cost for download and use.

Sequencer for Windows

Sequencer software for Windows is free music sequencer software for Windows platform users. The free version features variable track lengths supporting 16 to 128 steps, three FX chains, 30 to 180 BPM tempo, adjustable pitch, pan, volume, and synth note length per step.

Caustic 3 for Android

Caustic 3 is the music sequencer software for Android platform users. You can create your rack by adding up to 14 machines from the various synthesizers this software has to offer. The software comes in demo free version to give you a taste of the software.

Anvil Studio – Most Popular Software

Anvil studio is the most popular software in the category of music sequencer software. The long list of features of this software includes recording music with MIDI and audio equipment, sequence music with MIDI equipment and much more. The software has a free of cost version for download and use. You can also see Audio mixer software

How to Install Music Sequencer Software?

Most of the above-listed music sequencer software offer installation file, which you can download and run the installation procedure to get the software installed. Music sequencer software is the software for sequencing your long list of music files, according to the artists, genres, and much more such categories. You can also see Guitar Recording Software

Almost all the above-listed software offers the basic functionality of sequencing your music files according to various categories. You can opt for the paid ones if you want fast and other advanced options, for edit and modify the music file you want.

Midi sequencer freewareMidi Sequencers For Mac

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Midi Sequences For Sale

SoftwareDescriptionOSLicenseFile DateCommentsPower
PatternSequencer v0.8

Simple MIDI pattern sequencer.

Pro Tools v12.5

Pro Tools is an advanced audio and music production platform.

One Man Band Essentials v1.0

Turn any keyboard into an arranger keyboard with real time chord recognition.

Metro 7.2.4

High-powered sequencer for the design of professional audio projects. [Hosts VST/AU Plugins]

hypercyclic v1.5.554

The hypercyclic is a MIDI Arpeggiator and Mangler [VST/AU]

Studio One v3.2.2

Music creation and production application that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing, and audio mastering simple right out of the box, yet provides a wealth of professional features. [Hosts VST Plugins]

MidiSwing v0.3.5b

Small Java MIDI sequencer - Read, edit and create midi files.

seq541 1.0

SEQ541 is a MIDI pattern sequencer.

Liquid Rhythm

MIDI Sequencer and beat generation software instrument [VST/AU/RTAS/STANDALONE]

Tracktion T7

Clean, clutter-free audio/MIDI workstation.

Sequera v1.6

Sequera approaches MIDI sequencing in a unique way.

Liquid Notes

This is a music creation app that simplifies chords, scales, and harmonic movement.

MultitrackStudio 8.3

MultitrackStudio is an multitrack mixer/recorder that can host VST plugins. [Host]

Sequential v3.0.5

Multi-effect sequencer for creating rhythmical effect patterns. [AU]

Audio Evolution v5.3.1

Easy to understand software for recording, editing and mixing audio and MIDI. Ideal for the beginner, but powerful enough for more advanced users. [Hosts AU/VST]


A very odd on-line experimental loop-based MIDI sequencer and drum machine.

RapidComposer v2.82

Rapidcomposer is a software designed to help songwriters as they write in various music styles

SmartScore Pro v10.5.4

Fully integrated music scanning, scoring and MIDI sequencing.


Bridges the gap between notation and audio applications, allowing you to not only create and listen, but to perform live or produce music with stunning results.

b-step sequencer 2

This step sequencer is designed to make your melodies very fast. Easy to use and with native Novation Launchpad support. [VST]

EnergyXT 3 Beta2

Modular MIDI and audio environment. [Hosts VST Plugins].

Pitchmap 1.6.1

Pitchmap is a pitch processing plugin. [AU]

Intuem v4.0.5u

Professional music and audio production at its easiest.

Thesys v1.6.5

MIDI step-sequencer. [VST/AU]

Klee v2.1.0

MIDI-enabled software recreation of the hardware Klee step sequencer

iPiano v2.1.6

Versatile music and MIDI tool for Mac OS X

Numerology v3.1.1

Numerology sequencer is Modular MIDI sequencer. Hosts AU plugins.

FretPet X v1.3.3

Guitar-oriented music sequencer and chord reference.


midiBug is an app that lets you manually bug the midi stream of your Mac to create unique sounds.

ARPG8R 0.9.5

MIDI Arpeggiator. [VSTi]