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OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) is the tenth major release of OS X, Apple Inc.’s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. OS X Mavericks was announced on June 10, 2013, at WWDC 2013, and was released on October 22, 2013, as a free update through the Mac App Store.
The update places emphasis on battery life, Finder enhancements, other enhancements for power users, and continued iCloud integration, as well as bringing more of Apple’s iOS apps to the OS X platform. This release marks the beginning of a change in the naming scheme of OS X, departing from the use of big cats and moving to names based on places in California. Following the new naming scheme, the current version of the operating system is named Mavericks, after the surfing location in California.

USB 3.0 WiFi Adapter AC1300Mbps for PC, Wireless Network Adapter Dual Band 5GHz 2.4GHz for Mac OS 10.6-10.15,Windows XP,10,8.1,7,Vista 4.4 out of 5 stars 515 $24.99. Get drivers and downloads for your Dell Inspiron 15R 5520. Download and install the latest drivers, firmware and software. Dell Inspiron 1525. So unless you have a good reason for using OS X I would recommend using any linux-distro that fits your taste (elementary os comes to mind if you like the style of macOS). DELL Precision 5520 OC 0.6.0. Save hide report. Posted by 1 day ago. AMD OpenCore 6.1.

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Laptop Basic Parameters


Note that the wireless network card not work after the installation, but wired network is available, you can use the USB adapter connected to the wireless Internet, and the AMD Radeon HD 7670M Graphics doesn't work.

Mac Os For Dell Inspiron 5520 Drivers



OS X Install Mavericks
Download MultiBeast Mavericks Edition from
Extra for DELL Inspiron 5520

OS X Mavericks Single System Installation

Before installation you need have an existing Mac or Hackintosh with Mac OS X to run some program. You could use a real Mac or existing Hackintosh, if you own one. You can also be installed on a virtual machine.

Divid the hard disk is into two or more partitions, a partition to restore the installation cdr image(10GB), another as a system installation partition (20GB+).

Please confirm before installation, hard disk partition table is MBR partition table, use Disk Utility to restore cdr file recovery to 10GB partition ...

... install Chameleon-2.2svn-r2255 on 10GB partition. Download Extra and unzip it, copy Extra folder to 10GB partition replace same name folder. Copy Extra for DELL Inspiron 5520, 1604-Kext and MultiBeast Mavericks to 10GB partition not unpacked. Well, now you’ve created a bootable installation disk.

Install OS X Mavericks 10.9
Restart your computer, enter BISO by press F2, confirm HDD mode is AHCI,

and use the legacy boot mode.

After you start select the 10GB partition to enter the installation interface.

Install Driver
After installation, select system where the partition to start OS X Mavericks, after entering the operating system ...

... unzip downloaded Extra for DELL Inspiron 5520 replace same name folder of system partition.
Install the Sound Card Driver
Extracting MultiBeast Mavericks, Open MultiBeast, in the Driver tab, check the Universal → VoodooHDA v2.8.4 ...

... in the Build tab, click Install.

After install, you should extracting 1604-Kext, use the Kext Wizard to repair disk permissions and restart your computer.

Installation is complete! At boot time press Enter to select the system.

Dell Inspiron 5520 Battery

Configuration Chameleon

  • Startup Parameters

-f This forces rebuilding of extensions cache
-s Boots into a single user command line mode
-v Verbose, boots in text mode showing all debug info and errors
-x Boots into safe mode

  • Set the Default Boot Partition

Open /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist, add the following one configuration

Hidden Partition

Automatically Enter the System

Solve FAQ

Solve Unable to sign in because of a problem communicating whith iCloud.

Remove /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist
Open /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist, copy

... to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

Restart your computer.