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Play online games for free with no download on your PC, Mac, Android tablet, iPad or mobile phone! Free online solitaire, puzzle games, word games and more! Like most modern puzzle games Aura is all about the story and the immersion aspects. Of course the game also.Read Review PC. 5.7 User Avg (12. Is an enhanced remake of the original Myst game released for Windows in 2000 (Mac in 2002) and more recently as an iOS app. Is a free to play adventure game that is available online.

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Come and play best puzzle games for Mac OS. Here you will find the top logic games on web and such classic board games as mahjong, nonograms, sudoku and sliding puzzles. The woman audience will definitely estimate the variety of jigsaw puzzles and beautifully drawn solitaire games. It is also a trend to merge various genres within a game, thus logic games often come up as mini-games in seek-and find titles. These games are commonly referred as hidden object puzzle adventure games, or HOPAs.

So, if you prefer to discover a story as you solve different riddles, don’t hesitate to visit our hidden object games category. Match 3 puzzles also tend to feature some sort of storyline, Jewel Quest and The Treasures of Montezuma game series being bright examples of the kind. As you may see, the majority of the brain teasers are family friendly, so you can enjoy them together with your children. However we also have a separate catalogue where you can download puzzle games for kids along with other educational games for Mac.

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Roads of Life

Solitaire Dragon Light

Travel across 5 magical worlds on the dragon back.

Lost Amulets:
Four Guardians

Legendary Mosaics 2:
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Solve colorful griddlers and prevent a legendary statue stolen

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Help a princess build a new home for her people.

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Dreamland Solitaire:
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Online games for mac
Help a fairy restore the village destroyed by a dragon.

Runefall 2

Travel across the kingdom to retrieve the stolen runes

The Mine Match

If you have a Mac computer and you want to play some jigsaw puzzle games, you should check out this list. Here are some of the best free jigsaw puzzles for Mac that you can download for free. Although some of the games require premium access, you can download and test them without spending any money.

Best Free Jigsaw Puzzles For Mac

1] Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is one of the best jigsaw puzzle games for Mac users. It doesn’t matter if you have an excellent knowledge of puzzle-solving or not; you can certainly play this game right after installing. It offers more than 10000 high definition images and 250 different packs or categories. Along with that, you can find a total of 11 difficulty levels, and you can choose the level according to your requirements. This is possible to cut down the image in 625 pieces. However, the number of pieces depends on the difficulty level you choose. If you have a photo on your computer and you want to use it in the puzzle background, you can do that as well. In case you are ready to download, make sure you are running OS X 10.11 or later version. Download

2] Astra Jigsaw Art III

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First thing, first! You cannot find this game on the official App Store. You need to download the .dmg file to your computer and install it accordingly. You can find mainly paintings that you need to solve. According to the official website, it offers more than 100 jigsaw puzzles, and you can change the number of pieces from 40 to 270. Like other games, you can select a difficulty level, and the picture will be cut down automatically based on that. Some of the provided images look quite difficult to solve, but that is the unique thing about this game. Download

3] Everyday Jigsaw

Everyday Jigsaw is another game that you can download from free from the Mac App Store. It can be considered as one of the best puzzle games for Mac because of the features. Although the user interface looks pretty old-school, it offers every essential feature. From cutting down an image in up to 1000 pieces to change the shape of the puzzle piece, you can do everything in this game. According to the official download page, users can find more than 10000 images or puzzles so that you never get bored. This game is available in various languages, including English, Dutch, German, etc. You need to have OS X 10.8 or later version to download it. Download

4] Jigsaws Galore Play

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Jigsaw Galore Play is available for free, which offers fewer puzzles and options. However, if you can spend $2.99, you can purchase the premium edition that comes with more puzzles. You can find 64 puzzles in the free version, but the paid version has 114 puzzles. Apart from that, there are many other differences between those two versions. However, no matter which edition you choose, you can select the number of pieces from 4 to 64000. That is quite high, and you may not find the same amount of pieces in other puzzle games for Mac. Regarding compatibility, you need OS X 10.6.6 or later version. Download

5] BrainsBreaker Jigsaw Puzzle

Like Astra Jigsaw Art III, you cannot find BrainsBreaker Jigsaw Puzzle on the official website of the Mac App Store. You need to download the .dmg file to your Mac computer and install it manually. The unique feature of this game is that you can cut down an image in a minimum of four pieces, but there is no maximum limit. In other words, if you have a big screen, you can create a 1000 piece puzzle. Another handy feature is that you can turn almost any picture into a puzzle. For example, you are watching a YouTube video, and you want to use a video frame on the puzzle background. In simple words, that is possible if you are playing BrainsBreaker Jigsaw Puzzle game. You can test this game for free. However, if you want all the features mentioned above, you need to spend $19.95 to purchase it. Download

Free Puzzle Games For Mac

6] Jigsaw Space

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Jigsaw Space is also not available on the Mac App Store, and you need to download the setup file manually to install this game. The puzzle management area of this game is much better than some other apps. Talking about features, you can turn any picture into a jigsaw puzzle, and that is the advantage of playing this game. Apart from that, you can cut down an image into 4 to 6400 pieces. It is possible to rotate the screen so that you can increase the difficulty level by 200%. Another handy feature is that you can zoom in/out functionalities so that you can match two pieces quickly. This game is available for free for Mac computers. Download

More Puzzle Games For Mac

1] Sudoku Epic

Sudoku is one of the best brain-teasing games for anybody. No matter whether you want to play it or you want to let your kid play the game, you can download it on your Mac and start playing immediately. The user interface of Sudoku Epic is uncluttered as there is no advertisement included in it. It offers 9×9 as well as 6×6 puzzles for you and you can choose as per your skill and knowledge. Download

2] Rail Maze

If you like to play with rail tracks, you should love it as well. You need to set the track within a time frame to win the game and opt for the next level. It has several easy, medium, and difficult level and you can select anything as per your knowledge. For your information, Rail Maze is available for free for macOS 10.7or later version. However, it offers some in-app purchases to improve the overall experience. Download

3] Mystery Mosaics 2

If you played Minesweeper, you will definitely like Mystery Mosaics 2, which is compatible with macOS 10.7.5 and later version. The UI of this puzzle game is smooth and you won’t find a bug to ruin your experience. On the other hand, the gameplay is easy and all you need to do is to click on a box, which doesn’t have mine in it. Download

Free Full Games For Mac

There are only a few jigsaw puzzle games for Mac, and almost all the popular games are mentioned here. You should try all of them to know which one has the best puzzles.