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FrameForge Storyboard Studio
Developer(s)Innoventive Software
Stable release
Version 4 / December 2019
Operating systemMac OS X, Windows

FrameForge Storyboard Studio (formerly FrameForge Previz Studio) is previsualizationstoryboard software used by directors, cinematographers, VFX Supervisor[1] and other creatives in the fields of filmmaking, television production, filmed advertising, industrial videos and other filmed or video content.

Frameforge Previz Studio For Macbook Air

The software creates virtual sets and locations using simulated cameras, actors and objects in photo-accurate 3D scaled sets for previsualization. FrameForge creates

It also won a Lumiere Award from the Advanced Imaging Society (previously the International 3D Society) for the program's support of Stereo 3D filmmaking.


The program was designed by filmmaker Ken Schafer and his San Diego-based software company Innoventive Software, LLC. A graduate of New York University's film program, Schafer started software programming in the 1980s by creating an extensive system of macros for WordPerfect that automatically formatted text into screenplay format. He packaged these macros and sold them under the name Script Perfection. The macros evolved into the stand-alone program called ScriptThing and was eventually exclusively licensed for sale by Screenplay Systems under the name of Movie Magic Screenwriter.[3] Schafer followed up with other software designs including the program FrameForge Storyboard Studio.

Frameforge Previz Studio For Mac Os


  • Technical Achievement Emmy from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences in the Pre-production Previsualization System Category. One of the key criteria for this Emmy was that the pre-visualization capability of this software allows the user to test and solve real-world production issues during pre-production, with a proven track record of saving productions time and money by eliminating the requirement to perform physical tests on-set until convinced of the final design.[4]
  • Lumiere Statuette from the Advanced Imaging Society given to honor FrameForge's technological achievement in the stereoscopic medium, and recognize the significant impact the program has had on the advancement of stereoscopic arts and technologies.


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Frameforge Previz Studio For Macbook Pro


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