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This page offers an official path to help you download the latest version of genuine EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (12.9.1) with torrent, serial key. Take EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as your best shot to take care of your device and restore lost pictures, videos, documents with ease.

ForCard Recovery For Mac Torrent

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Torrent Overview

CardRecovery™ is the leading photo recovery software for memory card used by digital camera or phone. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos and video files from various memory cards. Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac. Disk Drill is one of the best data recovery software applications for.

Important - When data loss happens, stop using the storage devices or PC immediately to avoid data overwriting. Then turn to a reliable data recovery software for help.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers an ultimate data recovery solution for home users, office workers, and business users. It enables users to recover lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible data from multiple storage devices, such as a hard drive, external HDD, flash drive, memory card, and digital cameras. It supports to restore all kinds of file types such as photos, documents, music, videos, emails, folders, and archive files, etc. More details about this software:

  • Name: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • Latest Version: 12.9.1
  • Size: 1.45MB (of its installer)
  • New Features: Improved data recovery quality for FAT/NTFS, 4K hard drive, SSD, etc.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/XP/Vista and macOS 10.14 - OS X 10.6
  • Special Offer: No license is required for the free version, half-price license code for a full version

Download Official Data Recovery Software with Serial Key, Torrent

Don't be panic when you accidentally lost data on your storage devices, PCs, or even tablets. You can easily get wanted solutions by searching 'data recovery solution' or 'data recovery software' online. As a professional data recovery producer, EaseUS software suggests that no matter which data recovery software you choose to help yourself, use the copyrighted data recovery software.


Any warez or cracked data recovery software or solutions can cause unexpected yet serious problems that will cause data unrecoverable or corruption, system crash, privacy leak, economic loss and even destroy your PC.


EaseUS software provides genuine data recovery software with torrent, serial key for you to restore all lost data and protect your rights and save money with cost-effective solutions.

1. Cost-free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free (Retrieves 2GB Files for Free)

Go and visit the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free page, you will easily get it for retrieving 2GB files for free.

You can directly restore up to 500MB with this freeware, or up to 2GB if you click the share button in the wizard!

2. Half-price EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional (Restores Unlimited Files)

If you want to retrieve unlimited data with the copyrighted data recovery serial key/torrent, EaseUS software makes it possible, too. Simply click the below download button for an instant download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Professional on your PC.

Customers using the full version can get an instant online data recovery service anytime from the technical group via the Live Chat on our homepage (

As for the unlimited data recovery, you can click the activation button below to purchase an official serial key or torrent and activate EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to the full version at a half-price.

EaseUS Data Recovery Tutorial

Since you've got an official data recovery serial key/torrent of EaseUS data recovery software, feel free to perform the data recovery job by following this data recovery tutorial. Let's see how to recover everything on your computer hard drive, external hard drive, USB or SD card with a few simple steps.

Step 1. Select a location and start scanning.

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, hover on the partition where you lost data, then click 'Scan'.

Step 2. Preview and select the files.

Wait until the scanning completes. If you need to double-click the item to preview the file, then select the data you attempt to recover.

Step 3. Recover lost data.

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Click 'Recover', choose a location to save the recovered data, then click 'OK'. You should store the data in another place instead of the original one.

Tips to Protect Data from Deletion, Formatting, Virus Attacking

Besides offering reliable data recovery software to help you restore lost files on multiple storage devices, EaseUS software also would like to offer some critical tips to help you protect your own data from deletion, formatting, virus attacking or even Windows or Mac OS crash disasters.

# 1. Back up valuable data regularly

Normally, if you grow up the habit of backing up valuable files and data to an external hard drive or even cloud drive, you'll always be able to survive from data loss disasters. EaseUS free backup software - Todo Backup Free enables you to effectively back up files, hard drive partition, and even Windows OS to an external hard drive or even cloud drive for free. Only 3 simple steps will do:

Step 1: Open EaseUS Todo Backup and select 'File' as the backup mode.

You may have a large amount of vital data to be protected as time goes on, such as documents, pictures, music, and videos, etc. It is always a good habit to have a backup on a regular basis. File Backup is one of the best choices for you to get over unexpected data loss.

Step 2: Select the files that you want to back up.

Tick the option at the top left corner named User Defined, you can browse to back up one or some specific file types on your computer or external storage device.

Step 3: Select a destination to save your backup file.


You'd better create the backup file in some other storage media or in some other drive. If not, there may be a risk of the backup file getting corrupted or destroyed.

Step 4: Click 'Proceed' to execute your operation.

# 2. Operation on storage devices and computer with awareness

Be aware of daily operations on your computer and storage devices. Take care while you are doing the following operations:

  • Transfer files from computer to external storage devices, or vice versa.
  • Close Word, Excel, etc. documents without saving
  • Format hard drive, USB, SD card, etc. by mistake
  • Delete files and empty the recycle bin

If one of the listed issues are bothering you, don't worry. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can effectively help you out and restore all your lost files.

# 3. Run anti-virus software to clean up virus and malware

Card Recovery For Mac Torrent Pirate Bay

Regularly running anti-virus software or virus cleaning software to clean up and remove viruses, malware on the computer and portable storage devices is also a necessary method to prevent data loss from virus attack.