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Older Android devices have a USB Storage Mode that can be activated by plugging your device into your Mac, pulling down the notification shade, and tapping on the USB notification. Android File Transfer. Browse and transfer files between your Mac computer and your Android device. For Mac OS X only. No extra software is needed for.

LDPlayer is an Android emulator for gamers, running Android Nougat 7.1. Android Assistant for Mac is a cool app to manage Android device on a computer. It makes file transfer pretty easily between Android and Mac computer. You can backup contacts, text messages, photos, music as well as other content with this app in a few clicks. It is a great alternative to Android.

BluetoothAndroid Device For Mac

If you are reading this, chances are that you are among the 80% of Android smartphone users worldwide. Indeed, Android has stamped its authority as the most popular smartphone operating system worldwide and most likely; this percentage will only increase if its ease of use is anything to go by. For a long time now, data management has been the main headache for most smartphone users hence explaining the upward trajectory in Android file manager Mac software. For Android devices, there are indeed a number of quality programs you can use but it is worth noting that only a few are effective. That said, let’s have a look at the top 5 Android file manager software for Mac.

Top 5 Android Device Manager for Mac (OS X EL Capitan)

1.dr.fone - Phone Manager (Android)

If you are looking for the safest file management tool to transfer your photos, music, apps, videos and any other form of data between different operating systems (such as from iOS to Android), dr.fone - Phone Manager (Android) would be in your best interest to install this program on your PC. You may be upgrading to a new phone and probably, need to transfer the data on your old device. This tool will not only transfer your files safely, but in authentic fashion where the data transferred is 100% similar to the original.

Key Features of dr.fone - Phone Manager for Mac

  • Allows you to transfer major files including music, videos and even contacts from Android devices, to iOS devices or Mac just to name a few.
  • Backs up all your phone contacts from Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows devices to Mac.
  • Restores files including music, photos and videos in your device, or on iTunes and iCloud backup right back to your Android phone.
  • Allows you to transfer your iTunes library to your Android device.

2.Android File Transfer for Mac

If you are wondering whether your Android device has an app designed for data manipulation – well actually there is. Android being the leading innovator it is; saw a need and sought to fill the vacuum by launching the Android File Transfer software to help smartphone users manipulate files in simplistic fashion.


    •Easy to install on your Android device.

    •Allows the user to transfer files from their Android device to Mac PC and vice-versa.

    •Sports a basic, user-friendly interface that is easy to use.

    •Runs in the background without interfering with what you are doing on the device.

Remote for iTunes proves to be a versatile App with so many features that aren't listed above.


    •It has a caveat set at 4 GB meaning you will have to find another tool if your main goal is to transfer huge chunks of data such as movies.

    •Ideal for small-file transfer applications and can be tedious in the case of huge data transfers.

3. Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager

This program is probably one of the best Android file manager software on the market mainly due to its distinctive and innovative features; that allow you to not only access your device’s data on a Mac, but also edit the data with ease. For instance, you can access the messages or contacts on your Android device from your Mac using a number of software but only this app can allow you to add, edit and delete this info at will. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits pegged to using this program.


    •Allows you to transfer all your files and data from Android device to Mac computer as it is with full info including the dates.

    •Allows you to back up essential data such as contacts and messages from Android phone to Mac without any limitations.

    •Allows you to directly edit, delete, and add files in your device, on Mac.

    •Let’s you to organize all apps (installing and uninstalling), on your Mac.


    •Only manages files in batches meaning you have to select the data you want deleted or added, one after the other.

4. Mobikin Android Device Manager for Mac

The manufacturer (Mobikin) has always been at the forefront of releasing essential software and the Android Device Manager for Mac is no different. So what exactly can it do for you? Well, let’s have a look.


    •Allows you to manage and manipulate data on your Mac freely.

    •Compatible with all android system devices including tabs and smartphones.

    •Let’s you back up data from your android device to mac without limitations.

    •Allows you to edit and delete the data in your Android device from the comfort of your Mac computer.


    •The app is quite basic which serves both as a pro and con. The downside with having such an interface means the file transfer can get quite messy if not careful.

5. Airdroid Desktop for Mac

For a while now, Airdroid has ranked among the most popular file transfer tools on the market. The latest version allows users to transfer files to and from Android devices, compose text messages from your Mac and even check your call logs among other notifications on the apps in the device.


Android Device For Mac

    •Allows you to back up and manage paramount data such as text messages, contacts and music files among others.

    •Sports an innovative feature referred to as Airmirror that lets you view and manipulate your Android device as it is, on your Mac.

    •Provides users with simple file transfer from iCloud or iTunes directly to Android device or Mac.

    •Allows you to edit and delete the data in your Android device from the comfort of your Mac computer.


    •Despite the innovative Airmirror app (above) - that lets you see your phone as it is on your Mac - being highly useful, it doesn’t allow you to use the camera, browse through photos or take screenshots.

Summary: This article is going to show you the best Android Device Manager for your reference. You can read this page to learn the features and how to perform it in details.

Due to the high price of iPhone and the favorable price of Android ones, Android phone and tablets account for lots of market share all over the world as time passed by. And an increasing number of people tend to use Android smart phone such as Samsung, LG, and HTC, etc. But no matter what brand cell phone you are using, it will always come to a situation that the storage of the phone is not enough. Many aspects can lead to this, such as the swarm of the contacts, text messages, videos, and music. This may probably drive you crazy when you want to add some new contacts or videos. So what can be done to improve this situation?

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It's quite easy. We are going to introduce a full-featured Android device manager called MobiKin Android Device Manager (with its Mac version) to be your assistant. With the help of the software, you are able to transfer content from Android phone to computer, and vice versa, edit and manage phone data on computer directly. It is compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets.

Now you can follow me to the world of this fantastic manager software:

By the way, here are two versions of this Android manager program. You can choose one of them to download according to your computer.

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Part 1. One-click to Backup & Restore Your Android Files

At first, you need to use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to computer and then launch the installed program on PC. Here, you should remember to open the USB debugging on your device or it won't be able to be detected by the tool.


Next, on the main interface of the software, you need to tap on the “Super Toolkit” option at the top and you will see the options Backup and Restore.

To backup your Android data within one click, you have to tap on the Backup option on the screen and a pop-up window with several options like Apps, Contacts, Messages, Music, etc. will appear. You can tick the folder that you want to backup and select a location to save the files. At last, you can tap on the “Back Up” button to start the moving process.

To restore the backed up data with this software, you can also simply tap on the option 'Super Toolkit'> 'Restore' and select the files you want to recover and hit 'Restore' button to get them back.

Part 2. Transfer Data between Android Devices and Computer

First of all, you should make the connection between your Android device and computer:

- Install the Android device manager software on your computer. Then, link your Android device to the computer via a USB cable. Enable USB debugging on your phone to make it be recognized by the program. After that, you will also see the following screenshot.

Android To Mac Bluetooth

Note: If your Android device is failed to be recognized, you need to find a solution for it firstly.

Transfer to computer: All the transferable and manageable file types are listed on the left penal. Just select the file types you want to transfer to computer and click the 'Export' button from the top menu.

Transfer to phones: Click the button of 'Import', 'Add' or 'New' button from the top menu to transfer files from computer to your Android phones or tablets.

Part 3. Edit and Manage Android Contacts Info on Computer

You can click 'Contacts' first on the left column. All contacts will be scanned out and you will see several managing options displayed on the top menu. Now you can manage these details as you want.

New - Add new contact info into your device;

Edit - Modify the data like add group, add number, address, etc. to the existing contact as you like;

Delete - Remove unused or unnecessary info from your Android address book on PC directly;

Android On Mac

Export - Move your selected contact info from your device to computer;

Import - Load the contact backup file from computer to Android devices.

Part 4. Edit and Send Text Messages/SMS on Computer

After entering the 'SMS' category in the program, you can deal with your messages via below icons that are shown on the top menu:

New - Open a pop-up window, and here you can send messages to any people you like;

Delete - Remove any text conversation from your Android device on PC as you like;

Export - Backup selected messages to desktop computer in specific formats;

Import - Load the backed up messages to Android device.

Part 5. Manage or Transfer Android Media Files

Select 'Photos', 'Videos', 'Music' and 'eBooks' categories from the left side bar, and managing these media files by clicking the following button that are located on the top menu of the interface:

Add - Import any pictures, music, videos, books you want from desktop computer to Android phone or tablet;

Delete - Remove unwanted images, music, videos, books from Android easily;

Export - Copy the selected media files from Android to computer for backup or other uses as you like.

Part 6. Manage Your Apps without Limitation

Tap on the 'Application' folder in the left panel and then all the applications on your device will be displayed in the right pane. After that, you are capable of install, uninstall or export the Apps on your phone without any limitation.

Install- Install some new and wanted application to your Android phone;

Uninstall- Remove some Apps that you don't like or use anymore to make room for some new files;

Export- Move some applications from your phone to computer to make a backup.

Android device driver for mac

Now, you have a simple understanding about this Android device manager and it's your time to free download the program to have a try!

Video Tutorial:

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