Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner For Mac

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool is designed to remove only prerelease records, and should not have any impact on previous Creative Suite or Creative Cloud installations. Note that you must first remove the apps by running the product’s uninstaller, and then run Adobe Creative Cloud.


Adobe Creative Cloud is the functional and efficient product name of the well-known Adobe Group. With this software, you will be able to access the best software and services in the field of video, design, photography and the web. The way this product works is that from the moment you install and set up this software, you will be able to select and prepare any of the Adobe products that you want by viewing them. With the release of this software, Adobe has tried to organize its products for its users.

You will also be constantly updated on Adobe products using this tool. You can also leave your updates to this software to always enjoy the new features of the products by receiving the latest released versions of Adobe products. You can also be informed of new product changes and features before updating to update your software with your knowledge.

  • How to remove Adobe Creative Cloud from Mac manually. First, you need to quit Adobe CC and all related processes. To do this: Go to the Applications folder Utilities Activity Monitor. You can also launch Activity Monitor using Spotlight. Search for any processes associated with the Creative Cloud. Select them and hit the Force Quit button.
  • I've tried the uninstall process and the cleaner program, but there are some files the CC cleaner hangs on, I get the spinning beachball and it never finishes. I've tried to look at the CC log to determine the problem the AppletRelInfoRecords seems to cause fatal error, not sure what to do about tha.

Another important feature of this product is its integration with Behance. As a platform, Behance is able to help photographers, designers and other artists share their work. You can easily share your portfolio using this software. On the other hand, it will be easy to see other people’s work samples.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner For Mac

Features of Adobe Creative Cloud:

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool For Macintosh

  • Provide product management conditions for Adobe users
  • Benefit from a centralized and flexible user interface
  • Ability to view and download all Adobe products
  • See complete and comprehensive descriptions and features of all products
  • Ability to download and be informed of the latest updates of Adobe products
  • View the list of changes and new features of updated products
  • Ability to share your created artwork with the world
  • Ability to view portfolios done by others
  • Minimal effort to download and receive products and updates
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Installation guide

This tool is free and installation is not special.


Version 5 can only be installed on Windows 10 64-bit version.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner For Mac Catalina

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